Welcome To Any Remotes !

We understand how important a remote control is, not least because devices have so few manual buttons these days.
We are here to help you find a suitable remote control with our experience of over 20 years supplying replacement remote controls.

Most people don’t realise that there are basically 3 types of remote control:-

  1. An Original (Genuine) remote control – usually expensive if available,
  2. Universal Remote Control – usually provides only volume & channel changing.
  3. Direct Replacement remote control – does the same job at a fraction of the price,

Some people wonder if it is possible to repair a remote control. Although reducing landfill is a noble cause, unfortunately spare parts are not available and with the low cost of replacement remote controls, it really doesn’t make environmental or commercial sense to use resources posting remote controls back and forth (carbon miles they call it) only for the very likely probability it can’t be repaired and a new replacement remote will be required anyway.

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